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Sep 14, 2013

Universal Pictures decided last year that they were going to reboot The Mummy franchise, hiring Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts to pen the screenplay, snagging Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as producers, and bringing on Live Free or Die Hard helmer Len Wiseman to direct. However, Wiseman left the project just last month, leaving the director's chair open. But THR reports Universal has found a replacement director, hiring their Mama horror helmer Andres Muschietti to take over. This is the first move by Donna Langley, new chairman of Universal Pictures following the sudden exit of Adam Fogelson.
Back in February, Universal made an interesting move by hiring Billy Ray to write a competing script for the same project. The reasoning was supposedly because one writer may be better when it comes to writing the story structure, and one may be better at character and dialogue, with the studio possibly looking to "gang-bang them together into one script, crediting both writers." In this new story, there's no mention of Ray's script, so it sounds like maybe they just decided to go with Spaihts' script with thection adventure film with horror elements set in modern day. Muschietti is a fine director, even if Mama had a little too much fantastical horror for my tastes, but it'll be interesting to see what he does with a bigger film.
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