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Nov 2, 2012

Wow, what a week for movie news. 
I did not expect to see this or hear anything like this, Variety is now reporting that Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx has been cast, or is specifically "in early talks", for the role of Electro, one of the villains, in the new Amazing Spider-Man sequel. A few months ago, director Marc Webb and star Andrew Garfield were confirmed to return, and the next unique casting name that popped up was Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson. Now we have this — Foxx as Electro — and it's very big news.

Ever since being in the atrocious Stealth, Jamie Foxx has been turning around his career in big ways. From Dreamgirls to The Soloist to Law Abiding Citizen, and of course playing Dean "Mother Fucker" Jones in Horrible Bosses. He then took on the role of Django in Quentin Tarantino's freed-slaved spaghetti western Django Unchained (out this Christmas) and co-stars with Channing Tatum in Roland Emmerich's White House Down as the President of the United States. If this deal goes through, you can add Spidey villain Electro to that growing list of his unique roles. Variety says "though the studio would not comment on the character sources have also told Variety that Foxx would play Electro." We'll see if it all comes together.

While we can't get a black Spider-Man on the big screen yet, at the least having a Black Electro (especially because the character originated as white electrical engineer) is pretty damn great. Electro, created in 1964 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #9) is the villain altar ego of Max Dillon, an electrical engineer and lineman, was repairing a power line, a freak lightning accident caused a mutagenic change that transformed him into a living electrical capacitor. He's a villain that I've personally been excited to see, and casting Foxx in the role might just be perfect. We'll keep you updated! 
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