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Feb 28, 2013

It sounds like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will serve as quite the set-up for a third film in the reboot trilogy. It's been established that Jamie Foxx is playing the main villain Electro against Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, but Paul Giamatti is also on board playing the villain Rhino. While we're not sure how that second villain is coming into play, another villain has entered the mix. Heat Vision has word that Chris Cooper (The Muppets, American Beauty) has signed on to play Norman Osborn, the owner of Oscorp who goes on to become the Green Goblin in the comic books. But will he make a villainous turn? Read on!

Our guess is that Cooper will play Osborn as a sort of mentor to Parker, which is something that happened in the comics before he went mad and became a super villain. However, those who have seen The Amazing Spider-Man know that Osborn was dying, which is part of the reason Dr. Connors tried his DNA spliced serum on himself. Maybe this means we'll get to find out what happened to Irrfan Khan's character, since he was the middle man between Osborn and Connors. Adding Cooper to the cast just sweetens this sequel, and we're anxious to see if he'll end up becoming a villain sometime down the road. We're just hoping that he's improved his maniacal laugh since The Muppets.

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