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There are the people who make movies and there are the those who see them. Mr. Exclusive is bringing these two together in a profound new approach that will change the way you experience movies. We provide the latest movie news, movie trailers, movie reviews, interviews, opinions, hype and buzz, and everything else related to the cinematic experience straight from Hollywood and beyond.

Mr. Exclusive is both a web-based destination providing complete media coverage of mainstream and independent movies, the latest on the moviegoing experience, and the connection between Hollywood and the audience.Mr. Exclusive is at its heart a creative collaboration of individuals who are above all dedicated and passionate towards movies and the incomparable theatrical experience.

                                                                 Executive Team

-: Parthiv Patel :-
Owner / Contributing Writer Managing Editor             

Fav Top 5 Movies:
Inception / 300 /The Great Escape Mission Impossible / The Amazing Spider-Man
Fav Directors:
Christopher Nolan / Steven Spielberg / Zack Snyder / Marc Webb / James Cameron
Fav Actors:
Johnny Depp / Tom Cruise / Bruce Willis / Robert Downey Jr. / Jason Statham
Fav Actress:
Charlize Theron / Scarlett Johansson / Natalie Portman / Penelope Cruz / Jennifer Lopez

-: Rushabh Patel :-
Contributing Writer

Fav Top 5 Movies:
300 / The Dark Knight / Gladiator / Mission Impossible / Final Destination
Fav Directors:
Christopher Nolan / Zack Snyder / J.J Abraham / Will Smith / Ben Affleck
Fav Actors:
Tom Cruise / Denial Craige / Rock Dwayne Johnson / Vin Diesal / Paul Walker
Fav Actress:
Natalie Portman / Penelope Cruz / Jennifer Lopez / Cameron Diaz / Anne Hathaway


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