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Feb 24, 2013

Though a firm start date hasn't been set yet, Marvel has already started aligning key players for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Agent Maria Hill are returning for the sequel, Frank Grillo is playing the villain Crossbones, Anthony Mackie will be Cap's new ally Falcon, Emily Van Camp snagged the female lead, and we know the story will be based on Ed Brubaker's infamous comics run. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told Variety this morning that the sequel will be a "political thriller," so now we have an idea of what sort of tone to expect from Joseph and Anthony Russo's sequel.

Set in modern day, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will resurrect Cap's old sidekick Bucky Barnes, presumed dead in the first movie, and turn him into an amnesia-stricken cryogenically frozen assassin named The Winter Soldier. With the help of Falcon and the Cosmic Cube, Cap must remind Bucky who he really is before it's too late.

As is their standard operating procedure, Marvel is being very tight-lipped about revealing details, so we're not exactly sure what liberties screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely will be taking when adapting Brubaker's idea, but we're looking forward to seeing how all of this comes together. The "political thriller" aspect makes this movie sound like more of a grounded adventure than its WWII predecessor, so we'll see if Marvel can have as much success branching out into new genres as they have in the past. Cool?

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